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Interior Roller Shades & Solar Screens – Year-Round Shading from Eclipse Shading Systems®

Yes, year round and that means winter too! Eyeglasses for your windows – that’s what we call interior mounted roller shades. Interior shades from Eclipse Shading Systems provide you with many of the advantages as retractable awnings during hot sunny days. It may be like this year round where you live or perhaps you’re sitting in your living room in a colder climate on a bright sunshiny afternoon. With push button ease, Eclipse interior solar shades provide you with total control over how much sunshine you let in while maintaining your view of the landscape outside the window.

Eclipse interior roller shadesWe’ve talked about the advantages of installing Eclipse interior roller shades and solar screens for the summer season so you know that solar shade prevents the outdoor heat from radiating through glass windows. Interior roller shades give you the same high performance you can always expect from Eclipse during the winter months as well, preventing cold from entering the room through the windows. With the leaves gone from the trees, you’ll have sun glare popping up in new and interesting places and at angles you’re not used to. You can guard your belongings from potentially harmful sun glare on the flat screen entertainment center, laptop or other device, and even from reflecting off a glass table. Interior shades also prevent the sun from fading your new carpeting and furniture upholstery.

Style, function, and year round protection mean your interior roller shades can block up to 99% of the sun and its glare from intruding on your space, give you that added layer of protective insulation against cold temperatures, and maintain your view out the window. Regardless of the season, enjoy the year round shading solutions of Eclipse Shading Systems interior roller shades. Eclipse Shading Systems dealerships are located nationwide…find the one nearest you!