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Interior Solar Shades – From Light to Pitch Black

Exterior or interior shading for your home? With rising energy costs, why not do both? We call them sunglasses for your windows! Eclipse Interior Solar Shades come in a wide variety of sizes, colors and specially designed fabrics. Eclipse interior shades filter light as it enters the room, leaving your view of the great outdoors intact and eradicating glare from the flat screen!
Architecturally pleasing with a sophisticated air, Eclipse interior shades block out up to 99 percent of the sun’s damaging UV rays, protecting your valuable home furnishings. Additionally, interior shades will reduce air conditioning costs, providing you with energy savings that can be used for extra summertime fun!
Interior solar shades are made of Certified GreenGuard® fabrics and are available in 3” lightweight, 4” heavy duty for larger windows and commercial settings or the duo shade that provides a complete darkness privacy screen. Keep the view, lose the glare and enjoy the same privacy as a standard curtain.

Decorate your patio with the Eclipse Vertical Drop Solar Screen. This vertical screen can be mounted on the outside of any structure, expanding outdoor living space, and offers 100 percent block out shade for a room where you can relax and entertain. Make a statement and enjoy the sun – on your own terms!