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Let Retractable Screens Improve Your Life

Retractable screens are a fantastic addition to any home. With different options and colours, they blend into the home exterior and can easily be opened and closed to match your need for shade and privacy. Our screens are durable and reliable, and they have multiple benefits as window coverings or for your outdoor living space.

These screens are very different than what our customers may have experienced in the past with blinds and permanently installed screened in porches. There is no comparison and, when you consider all the advantages, you will see why.

Blocks the Sun Not the View

If you have a home office, entertainment room or even a favorite place to watch television or read a book the glare from the outside can be annoying. It can make watching your favorite shows, working on a computer, or even seeing your phone screen very difficult.

With exterior mounted retractable screens, there are no issues with too much light or glare. You can simply lower the screens to block up to 90% of the sun’s UV rays and to eliminate the glare completely.

Unlike shades, blinds or curtains, our retractable screens give you the ability to look out and see clearly. This includes when used to cover windows or doors or when used to provide you more comfortable outdoor living space.

Keep Out the Bugs

No one likes sitting outside when bugs are a problem. Our retractable solar and insect screens give you a stylish way to keep bugs at bay. You will be able to see out, but those bugs can’t get in.

When looking from the outside into the screened area or windows, you have full privacy. This is a nice feature in a busy neighborhood where you want to create your private sanctuary just to sit outside and relax or visit. It is also a perfect option for privacy for a bedroom, office, or living area of a home as it does not restrict your ability to see what is going on outside.

One feature many of our customers are very happy to discover is that with the exterior mounted retractable screens there is energy saving factor as well. The screen helps to reduce the heat significantly from windows and doors, helping you not only to save money to but also to help protect your home furnishings from the fading power of the sun.