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Longing for Shady Afternoons under the Awning

You just woke up and looked out the window to see that it’s snowing again. “Are you kidding me!?” you ask out loud. This time last year, you were cleaning out the garage and clearing the flower beds to get ready for spring. Next, of course you opened your Eclipse retractable awning to get it ready to roll in anticipation of the sunshine to come.

Spring did come and so did summer and you had wonderful lazy days outdoors with walks around the neighborhood holding hands, sometimes wandering over to the playground to watch children on the swings and slides. By far, the best hours were the ones the two of you spent on the back porch under your Eclipse retractable awning. Whenever the weather was good, the two of you would have morning coffee and sometimes lunch together enjoying the fresh air. Then there was the day you were both relaxing on the lounge chairs reading and it started to rain. No problem. Your Eclipse shading system can handle a little light rain and even wind.

You can rely on Eclipse Shading Systems® solar protection products because they are constructed with advanced technology and the finest water resistant, UV protected 100% acrylic awning fabric, put together with weather resistant long lasting GORE® Tenara® thread. Oh well, maybe next winter you’ll go to Florida like the rest of your retired friends, but spring will be here soon and you’ll be ready! Get out the hose, open the awning and rinse it free of debris, check your frame for rust spots, dry it off, and you’ll be ready to move out onto the porch for another wonderful summer.