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March Wind And Your Retractable Awning

You purchased your retractable awning to create increased outdoor living space while providing protection for you and your family from harsh, damaging UV rays. Eclipse retractable awnings are designed for sun protection, utilize exclusive technology, and are manufactured using the highest quality fabrics and hardware. Although Eclipse awning products are among the most durable in the industry, they are not made to withstand high winds or wind gusts above 20 miles per hour.

Imagine that it’s a beautiful sunny spring day and with the addition of a sweater, you feel like sitting outside and having lunch with your family. How will you know if it’s too windy to leave your Eclipse retractable awning rolled out? If your potato chips take flight or if you need to put a rock on your newspaper to keep it on the table, it is too windy to leave your awning rolled out! But really, if you do not feel comfortable sitting outside on your porch and want to stay indoors, your awning should be rolled up and protected as well.

Wind or unpredictable gusts of wind can swoop underneath your awning and raise the fabric beyond its tolerance. It’s a good time of year to listen to your local weather report. Remember that if the forecast is for sustained winds of 20 miles per hour or wind gusts above 20 miles per hour, keep your awning rolled up and safe. Eclipse Shading Systems® retractable awnings are made of reliable hardware and fabric that have a clean, neat look whether they are rolled in or fully extended.