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Modern Awning Fabrics Used in Eclipse Shading Systems® Do More Than Keep You Cool

Sunbrella awning fabricsHard to imagine, but there was a time before air conditioning. In an effort to stay cooler, heavy cotton, linen, or canvas fabrics could be used to block the sun outside and ancient methods such as trickling water down reeds hanging over windows so that blowing air would create cooler temperatures, aqueducts circulated water through the walls of houses, and wind towers provided cooler air. Later, ice would be used, but there was no way to keep ice from melting until the ice machine was invented. Though residential air conditioning was introduced in the early part of the twentieth century, its use did not become popular for at least another fifty years. Today’s air conditioning systems can be particularly costly, especially with rising energy costs. The one thing people could count on back then and can still count on today, are fabric awnings.

Modern awning fabrics used in the making of one-of-a-kind Eclipse retractable awnings, not only keep temperatures cooler, the wide selection of colors and designs can be used to decorate – match your home, your colorful landscaping, and upholster patio furniture to coordinate or match your retractable awnings. Eclipse Shading Systems partners with Sunbrella and Dickson, divisions of Glen Raven, Incorporated, and Ferrari, a division of Soltis Textiles, as well as Gore Tenara, the strongest and finest awning fabric sewing thread available in today’s market. Through these partnerships, Eclipse brings you the highest quality longest lasting awnings fabrics made of 100% acrylic, manufactured to withstand natures elements and resist water, mildew, fading, and staining and treated to be flame retardant and provide protection from UV rays. When you purchase Eclipse retractable awnings, you’re investing in the best shading products in the business.