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Modern Retractable Awnings & the Advantages of Shading

Eclipse semi-cassette retractable awningAs summer months move closer, you relish the time you can spend hanging out on the deck under the cooler air of the retractable awning. Everything seems to slow down a bit. When you were outside enjoying lunch today, you recalled the years you visited with your grandmother on summer afternoons. It was a hug and a kiss then outside to talk, have cookies and milk, and read a book together under her big metal awning before you went for a long late afternoon walk. Sometimes there were activities with materials from her special craft box that she kept in the kitchen pantry just for your special time together.

When you first purchased your home, you thought bushes and high shrubbery would shade the house and keep heat from coming through the walls, but more heat radiates through glass windows than walls, no matter how thinly or thickly insulated. There was quite a bit of shrubbery too close to the walls of the house and you quickly learned that mold and rot could set in if you don’t keep the perimeters dry and well groomed. You decided this was not the way you wanted to spend your time at home and found your local Eclipse Shading Systems® dealership. You were immediately on your way to choosing from among the wide selection of shading solutions offered for your home.

Eclipse consultants helped you to make the choice that was best for your home and you selected fabric from among the more than 200 choices of solutions dyed colors and patterns available. It’s not your Grandma’s awning. With Eclipse retractable awnings for your home, you have a modern look that fits your style and your décor along with top of the line technology, cool outdoor comfort, and energy savings.