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Motor versus Manual Retractable Awning

When you purchase your Eclipse retractable awning, you may find that when you want to roll out your awning with the hand crank it can become a tedious task. The other side of the coin is that with a manual operating system, you may tend to leave your awning rolled out causing moisture and debris to gather over extended periods of time, which unchecked will likely cause damage and shorten the life of your awning. With a retractable awning motor, you will have the convenience of a hand held remote or wall switch to operate your awning. Somfy, the retractable awning industry’s leading supplier of awning motors and accessories, has research to back up the claim that if you are operating your awning with a motor, you will use your awning ten times more often than if you are operating with a hand crank.
motorized retractable awnings from Eclipse
Eclipse retractable awning accessories such as high performance Somfy wireless electronic sensors will make your awning automatically respond to the elements and protect your awning from high winds and your outdoor living space from scorching sun. These Somfy accessories include wire free Sun Sensor, 3D wire free Wind sensor, and Eolis Wind Sensor. Your retractable awning remote is radio controlled and built to operate your awning from up to 60’ away or accessories can be programmed to react automatically. Though a motor can be added after your awning is installed, it’s more cost effective to make the investment in the motor operation when you purchase your awning. Enjoy your outdoor living space with the push of a button convenience of motorized Eclipse retractable awnings to reduce your energy bills, enjoy the cool comfort of your deck, and protect your family from the sun.