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Motorized Retractable Awnings: The Ideal Solution for Large Patios

Having a large patio area in either a residential home or a commercial property is a great way to extend your space. For the homeowner, a large patio gives you a whole new dimension for entertaining and simply enjoying the outdoors. For a restaurant or business, an outdoor patio provides more seating, a place for staff and clients to unwind, and even a place for special events and functions. It is also the perfect place for booking private parties and gathering, especially for bridal events and weddings throughout the spring to fall season. Considerations in Design At Eclipse Shade Systems, we offer some of the largest motorized retractable awnings in the industry. Our long projection motorized awning extends a full sixteen and half feet, keeping a commercial or residential patio cool and comfortable even on the hottest of afternoons. Our designs are unique as well, and we go that extra mile to carefully choose materials that are lightweight and highly durable. This is a commercial grade awning but, with all the fabric choices, it is perfect for any type of home design as well. With our designs a longer patio is never a problem. Our standard sizes are available from fifteen to forty feet, but we also can custom create just the size you need. With the best in heavy duty motors and systems, while still staying sleek and stylish, these are awnings you have to see to appreciate fully. The Practical Side For a commercial or residential property having a fully motorized system just makes good sense, especially with a very large deck area. The smooth opening and closing action make it a snap to put out or put away, and with the self-storing feature it adds to the look for the property while extended or closed. Having extra space, and particularly extra cool and shady space, is a value-adding consideration for any home or business. It is wonderful for a patio by the pool at the house or for an outdoor patio area at a restaurant or a commercial building. If you think your patio area is too big for a motorized awning, talk to us. We have a wide range of different awning systems that are designed for long protection and large spaces, and we really do have you covered.