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Optional Protective Hood for Your Eclipse Retractable Awning

When you purchase your Eclipse retractable awning, you may be wondering if you should also purchase an optional protective hood. There are those who say that if the retractable awning is mounted under a soffit or eave, you do not need a hood. We at Eclipse Shading Systems® do recommend a hood if the awning is mounted on the roofing surface, or mounted to a wall (under a soffit or eave) because even when the awning is retracted, it still has some exposure to the elements. Eclipse retractable awnings are a worthwhile, investment in your home, making you more comfortable and increasing value. The decision to purchase an optional protective hood is an investment in your investment, providing added protection for your retractable awning so that it can live a long, fully functioning, and attractive life.

Eclipse roof-mounted awningThe fact is that even when your Eclipse retractable awning is fully retracted, 6-8 inches of fabric is still exposed, so giving the awning that extra protection means that the fabric will maintain the same cleanliness and color consistency as the fabric that is rolled up. An even better reason to purchase an optional protective hood for your retractable awning is that added layer of protection from sun exposure, rain, snow, and debris that can get into the motor and cause operational damage. So in the end, protecting your big investment with an optional hood can save you money and give your Eclipse retractable awning the long life it was designed to have. Eclipse Shading Systems is committed to providing you with the best in solar protection to protect you, your family, and your home or business from the damaging UV rays of the sun.