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Outdoor Living Into the Autumn with Eclipse Shading Systems® Accessories

The days may be shorter and a little cooler, but you enjoy outdoor living and fresh air and as much of it as you can get, so you are always reluctant to giving in to moving your relaxation time indoors for the winter, With help from Eclipse Shading Systems accessories, you can prolong your outdoor pleasure a little longer.

Increase outdoor comfort and relax with the reliability of Eclipse. Take outdoor living to the next level and into the evening with the compact and energy efficient Eclipse Solar Beam Infrared Heater and the Eclipse Lunar Lighting Package.

solar beam infrared heaterThe Eclipse Solar Beam Infrared Heater can be mounted to the wall or awning and provides a 1500-watt heater with a 15’ power cord to keep you warm even in cool weather. The Solar Infrared Heater is available in white or black and can be mounted to your awning frame or the wall. You control the amount of heat you get with fully adjustable controls.

You can have the soft glow of an elegant European café with the Eclipse Lunar Lighting System. This incandescent lighting system attaches securely to the backside of your Eclipse retractable awning’s front bar. Eclipse Lunar Lighting provides enough light to enjoy an evening with food and friends, but not enough light to attract any insects. Your

Eclipse Lunar Lighting package can be installed at the factory or fit to your existing awning. Incorporate operation of the lights into your retractable awning’s wireless remote control or operate with an in-line switch.
Put on a sweater, grab your cup of coffee or a cocktail and gather with your favorite companions to continue to enjoy the pleasures of nature with your Eclipse Shading Systems accessories.