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If you have a western facing deck or patio, low sun (rising or setting) may be an issue. While your Eclipse retractable motorized awning is providing excellent overhead protection, the low sun can drive you back inside. For these situations we offer a Drop Shade.

Patio Drop Shade Accessories

Keep the sun and snooping eyes out of your living area with the help of an Eclipse Retractable Drop Shade. Eastern- and Western-facing homes and patios bear the worst of low sun angles early and late in the day. The resulting glare can wake people up long before they’re rested or force gatherings inside prematurely. Adding these retractable awning shades with open-weave mesh fabric will block low-angle light while the main awning handles the overhead rays. When the sun gets higher in the sky or finishes setting, simply roll the shade back up to restore your outdoor view.

Our drop shades are the easiest way to reduce low sun exposure with an existing awning. They are available for most Eclipse awnings with widths, fabric drops, colors and densities depending on the awning models. If you own a Prestige Cassette awning, you can get motorized patio drop shades that go up or down with the push of a button. Eclipse shades and awnings have been rated the #1 brand from the past 10 years and will greatly enhance your home or business. Find a dealer near you or contact us directly to learn more about our custom-made shading solutions.

Eclipse Drop Shade Features

  • Available on the Eclipse model up to 22’ wide by 11’6″ projection and without semi cassette option
  • Available on the Eclipse Premier models up to 22’ wide in all projections and without semi cassette option
  • Available on Total Eclipse model up to 22’ wide by 16’6” projection
  • Available on Prestige Cassette model up to 19’ wide by 13’ projection
  • Fabric drop to a maximum of 48 inches (based on fabric selection), 38” on the Prestige Cassette model
  • Manual or motorized operation on most models, motorized only on the Prestige Cassette
  • Available in a large variety of colors, densities and patterns.
  • Self storing when not in use