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Protecting Your Eclipse Retractable Awning from Premature Aging

Rain, dirt, flora, and fauna will do their best to shorten the life of your retractable awning. Eclipse Shading Systems® uses only the best fabric for its awnings, but wind blows dirt, leaves, twigs, and bugs around in the air and onto the fabric and these elements can damage your retractable awnings.

Proper care of your awning depends on you! To give your awning the best protection against mildew, keep it clean and free of standing water puddles and bugs. We recommend you hose off the top of your awnings about once a month to keep your awning stain free and clear off foreign material, such as leaves or dirt, which can grow mildew. Use clear water or mild soap. You can keep the underside of your awnings clean by brushing gently with a regular broom. Keep an eye out for any rust on the frame that may stain your awning fabric or give you clues to deterioration of the frame material.

To further enhance the life of your awning, when you go to store it, don’t drag it across abrasive surfaces, such as the driveway or sidewalk. Make sure your awning is completely free of any dampness before storage to avoid mildew growth and staining.

Only the finest 100% acrylic fabrics, sewn with UV and weather resistant GORE® Tenara® thread are used in the manufacturing of Eclipse retractable awnings. Long lasting awning and marine fabrics by Sunbrella® should resist mildew, rot, and fading for up to eight years. You can do your part to help your awnings live a long and attractive life.