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Protection from Deck Fire with Eclipse Retractable Awnings

Protect your porch, patio, deck, and even possessions inside your home with retractable awning solutions from Eclipse Shading Systems®. Shading your home with Eclipse retractable awnings is an important component when evaluating reducing the risk of danger and damage by fire to your deck and home.

When building or replacing your deck, consider the materials used in the construction of this popular leisure area of your home. Solid wood or wood plastic composites are most combustible. However, there are some manufacturers of deck materials that now incorporate fire retardant chemicals into their new products. There are also exterior fire retardant treatments available for existing wooden decks.

Additional tips to avoid the breakout of fire would be to make sure you do not store combustible materials beneath or on top of the porch and make sure that vegetation close to the deck does not get too dry, acting as a wick to start a fire. Keep an eye on wood-based supports and boards for decay from fungus or dryness. Sun glare can cause glass to heat up and can ignite a wood deck causing a dangerous fire. Stainless steel and ceramic work best, so take precautions to remove glass objects from your porch.

Many states are adopting building codes to help prevent fire from starting on the deck of your home. The experts agree that purchasing retractable exterior awnings goes a long way in fire safety and prevention from summer sun. Keep your retractable deck awnings rolled out and clear of debris during the hot summer months… and stay safe!