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Put Money Back Into Your Pocket with Shading from Eclipse

Eclipse retractable awnings create shade and savingsEclipse Shading Systems® has shading options for your home and your business. Summer is nearly upon us and it’s time to explore the awnings that will turn your outdoors into a cooler place to be, whether it’s your backyard, corner café, retail store, or business office. When you shade on the outside of a building, the heat cannot radiate through the walls or windows, so the inside is cooler too. The superior technology of Eclipse retractable awnings can reduce heat radiation up to 90%. This means that the air conditioning system does not have to work as hard, go on as often. When the AC has to work less, you save money on energy bills and you are preserving the HVAC system so it will last longer…putting money back into your pocket.

Create more energy efficient space with Eclipse retractable awnings and solar screens that reduce heat radiation, cutting sun glare by as much as 94%, helping to prevent fading of upholstering and carpets. Your local Eclipse Shading Systems dealer will consult with you to find the shading system that is right for your needs. Eclipse dealerships are located throughout the US and share our commitment to innovative solar protection and the highest standards of customer service. Using your shading system will increase your comfort indoors and out and every time you roll out the awning, you are rolling out savings, putting money back into your pocket. Energy costs are rising and it is a problem for everyone. Lessen the pain by reducing energy use with retractable awnings for your home or business.