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Recent PAMA Study on the Benefits of Shading for Older Homes in the United States

The benefits of shading from PAMAData from a recent study by the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA) based on older homes, which are about 10% smaller than most new homes and have less insulation, shows that exterior shades and fabric awnings can reduce cooling costs by 50% or more. The study included data for summer and year-round use of exterior home shading during ten years with typical weather patterns as well as the hottest year of the ten. When more homes and businesses use exterior fabric awnings and shades, it creates less stress on the energy grid during peak usage hours, keeping costs down for energy suppliers.

Shading systems work with your air conditioner to keep the temperatures cooler indoors, which means your HVAC system will have a longer life and you’ll have regular savings on your energy bills. Results were gathered from the use of exterior shades and awnings in fifty states to come to this conclusion. As rising temperatures along with rising energy costs begin to take a toll on your budget, it’s time to consider the cutting those costs with the best possible investment in your home. You can reduce your home energy bills with the purchase of Eclipse Shading Systems® products. Retractable awnings and exterior shades are the eco-friendly way to keep your home cooler in summer months. Your porch, patio, or deck will become extended living space with cooling relief and protection from the sun’s UV rays. Eclipse solar shades and retractable awnings reduce sun glare and protect your carpet and furnishings from fading. Stay cool, stay safe, and save money with Eclipse.