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What Kind of Retractable Awning Provides the Best Protection from the Elements

Now that you’ve decided to add an awning to your home you’re probably trying to figure out which one will fit your needs the best. You want something that’s aesthetically pleasing while still providing unparalleled protection from the elements. Well it’s good to know that Eclipse retractable awnings can stand up to more than just sunlight. There are a wide variety of solar shades to fit your needs, like the patio and pergola solar shade. You should also consider a motorized retractable awning that allows you to control the amount of sun your outdoor space receives, but the question still remains; which awning provides the best protection from the elements? Although all Eclipse retractable awnings provide superior weather protection, the Eclipse Sunproof Plus manages to stand out among the rest. This retractable awning protects against sunlight, rain, and winds of up to 23 miles per hour. It also comes in two styles to fir your needs. The pergola style awning attaches to existing structures such as sun rooms or sun porches, and it can be used with column designs and sun shades like the exterior zipper shade to create an entirely separate enclosed space. There is also the Ultimate Eclipse retractable awning. It features an extremely sturdy design that can withstand class three winds while still providing amazing protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Overall, all of the awnings in the Eclipse line provide great weather protection. Eclipse retractable awnings reduce up to 94 percent of sunlight an sun glare while blocking 98 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. They can withstand both light and steady rain due to their specially coated acrylic fabric that makes the awning water resistant so you and your family can continue to enjoy your deck or patio in almost any weather. Installing the awning at the recommended pitch also helps to ensure that you stay dry on rainy days. A few customers even choose to use their awning in light snow. There are also commercial grade awnings that are ideal for protecting extremely large spaces from the elements. Maybe you have a large deck or patio, or maybe you have a business that needs a bit more outdoor protection. Imagine all of the usable space you’ll still have during inclement weather. Your customers can still enjoy the view while staying cozy and dry beneath your awning. The Total Eclipse is perfect for this type of situation. Just remember, you’ll always have superior weather protection, no matter which Eclipse awning you choose.