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Retractable Awnings Can Save You Money

During summer your house can easily become overheated. This phenomenon is caused because the sunbeams pass through your house windows, warming the air inside and therefore causing a heat buildup. Under such conditions, the temperature within your house is higher than it should be. Preventing this from happening is as easy as installing new awnings to your property to deflect solar radiation, which will save you loads of money in cooling.

Saving Money by Preventing Overheating

The most effective and economic way to prevent overheating is implementing sun protection measures such as awnings, which will allow you to reach the desired temperature without relying on expensive, environmentally unfriendly, cooling systems. Therefore, you will not only be reducing your energy bills, but also your ecological footprint.

Step-by-Step Guide to Deflecting Solar Radiation

  • The first step is to locate the windows in your house most directly exposed to sunlight. Such windows will tend to be located in areas without shadow.
  • The third step is to choose the right color and material for your awnings. When doing so, it is advisable not take the aesthetics as the sole decisive factor. Even though style is important, you must realize that your savings will be greater if the sun protection system installed is white or pastel and the material used thicker and reflective.
  • If you want to maximize the cooling effect of your awnings, you should also make sure that the material used is somehow permeable, to enhance ventilation while deflecting sunlight.

Comfort, Ecology and Economy

At this point you will have reduced the heat inside your home during warm months, improved your thermal comfort and reduced energy consumption all in one go. By preventing overheating in your property using awnings, you will be achieving savings in cooling between 5 to 30% every year.

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