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Retractable Awnings & Energy Savings in Western United States

Expand your outdoor living space and keep your home comfortably cooler with retractable awnings from Eclipse Shading Systems®. From Denver to San Francisco, and north to Anchorage, homeowners are realizing energy savings with the use of shading systems from Eclipse. With summer temperatures continually on the rise throughout the west and northwest regions of the US along with rising energy bills, you want to do everything possible to keep those costs down and still be able to stay cool and comfortable outdoors and indoors. With the use of retractable awnings and solar shades, average savings on energy costs in these areas of the country can be as high as 51%. While you save money, you are also protecting yourself, your family, and your friends from the damage of harsh UV rays. Eclipse solar shading and retractable awnings reduce sun glare indoors, preventing fading of costly carpets and upholstery. When temperatures stay cooler indoors and your air conditioning doesn’t have to go on as often, you’re also saving on wear and tear of the HVAC system, prolonging the life of the unit.

You’ll look forward to long, lazy, and cooler afternoons on the back porch with the addition of Eclipse shading systems to your home. Don’t worry about everything matching either. Eclipse awnings come in a wide variety of specialty fabrics – colors and designs to complement your style. You can even have your deck furniture upholstered in the same high quality material. Eclipse Shading Systems manufactures a full line of solar shades, solar screens, and awnings. You can take your day into the evening with the Lunar Eclipse Lighting Package and Eclipse Solar Beam Infrared Heater. Your outdoor oasis is now a new room where you can have a relaxing evening out back having dinner with friends or playing board games with the kids. Eclipse Shading Systems are custom made for your home and your lifestyle.