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Retractable Awnings Offer Many Solutions

A retractable awning from Eclipse Shading Systems is a good solution for a lot of questions about improving your home.

It doesn’t make a difference whether a homeowner lives in a luxury beach house or a ranch-style in the suburban Midwest. We hear the same kinds of situations from them.

  • They have created a backyard paradise that they want to enjoy more.
  • They would love to have a covered patio but either can’t afford a brick-and-mortar investment, or building codes or HMA covenants prevent construction of one.
  • They have beautiful scenery at their property and want to create more space for enjoying that view.
  • They love being outside in all types of weather, but don’t want to get soaked while enjoying it.

Retractable awnings from Eclipse Shading Services solve a lot of these problems.

Great for Any Purpose

Retractable awnings can be both flexible and versatile, making them ideal for nearly any kind of residence or business. You can choose from a variety of colors made from high-quality fabric that blocks out different amounts of light.

A retractable awning will complement your personal taste and the style of your home. It’s a natural extension, and not an awkward add-on. You can also choose the length of the awning, so that it doesn’t extend beyond your patio or deck area, or leave out parts you want to protect.


Typically, these awnings only have attachments to the house, meaning you won’t have to deal with standing poles obstructing your view!

Another way our patio awnings are cost-effective is construction costs. You won’t have to pay building permit fees for an awning, and you won’t have to pay for loads of construction materials and wait out a lengthy building process.

Retractable awnings placed outside help you save on your heating and cooling bills. You can also take them down and store them when they’re not in use. Purchasing a cover that you place over it while in storage also extends the lifespan of your awning, so that you won’t have to replace it for several years.

Hassle-Free Removal

A retractable awning provides shade and protection from the weather, but they’re easy to remove when not in use or during winter months. Businesses benefit from retractable awnings because they offer customers refuge from the rain when entering or leaving the business. For residential use, they allow any patio or porch to be the perfect space to enjoy the outdoors throughout the year.

For more information about retractable awnings, contact Eclipse Shading Systems today at 845-692-7070. We have been helping property owners since 2002 create inviting, invigorating outdoor spaces and enhancing the value of their buildings, and we can’t wait to do the same for you.