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Save Costs with a Commercial Awning for Your Business

Commercial awnings are a great way for businesses to advertise their wares and really enhance the outdoor aesthetics of their brick-and-mortar storefronts. Awnings are fully customizable in terms of color scheme and design and allow business owners the chance to bring in more customers without sacrificing either curb appeal or energy efficiency.

What’s actually remarkable is that commercial awnings can block the amount of glare and sunlight that permeates your store, which in turn reduces your energy, electricity and cooling costs since you’ve effectively reduced the heat gain. While heat gain in commercial buildings is a complex topic in its own right, the gist is that electrical equipment, lighting and even the number of people in your shop can all increase the heat gain in your working space.

The thing that most business owners are concerned about, though, is cost. How much can commercial awnings really save them? The answer is a lot, since commercial awnings will allow you to reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your store, and this has big implications for your cooling costs.

Reduce Your Cooling Load and Expenses

By reducing the heat gain that’s allowed to accumulate, you can also reduce your cooling load.

The cooling load of a commercial space is basically the rate at which your air conditioning system must remove the accumulating heat gain to keep your store or warehouse at a cool, dehumidified and comfortable temperature.

Essentially, the more that you can control the factors that go into heat gain, the easier it will be to reduce your cooling load, or the amount of energy and expense it takes to keep your store comfortable for customers.

Allow Customers to Comfortably Browse

Commercial open wing, convex and entrance awnings are a great way to reduce the amount of heat that slips into your building during operating hours.

When you think about it, the door is the place where heat is probably seeping into your store in the first place as your customers pop in and out.

By keeping this area cooler, you can effectively reduce your cooling expenses while increasing your customers’ comfort and allowing them to leisurely spend more time in your store.

Enhance Your Customers’ Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is basically the extent to which customers know who you are, what you offer and how you can help them.

A commercial awning can actually assist in all of these areas since it can remind customers of your brand, services and how to stay in touch.

The size, graphics, color scheme and installation challenges to every commercial project are taken into account before, during and after your awning is installed to ensure years of reliable service.  The types of awnings that are offered to business owners also vary based on the particular demands of the client, that client’s customers and the type of business. Some franchised businesses, for instance, need a particular kind of metal awning that they simply can’t deviate from, and that’s OK.

You can find commercial awnings that are meant to provide year-round protection from the elements and enhance your outdoor décor, as well as commercial awnings designed with loading docks or indoor stores in mind.

Just as no two awnings are identical, we realize that no two businesses have exactly the same requirements and expectations. That’s why we work with business owners to find the ideal solution for every project.

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