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Save Energy (and Money) with Solar Shades

One of the biggest expenses any homeowner faces on a daily basis is energy use, regardless of the season.  A home’s energy consumption adds up quickly, leaving many homeowners wondering how they lower their monthly bills.  

Solar shades are a great, “green” addition to your home and windows to help reduce energy loss through windows and doors.

But, just how energy efficient are solar shades? The answer? Completely.

Solar shades require no energy or electricity to fully function and start protecting you and your family by filtering out harmful UV rays from entering your home while insulating your living space year-round.

Solar shades block up to 90% of sun’s rays and heat during the summer, which means cooling your home will be much easier than with traditional window treatments. If a home’s windows are not energy efficient or the solar shades are not installed professionally, there can be a large amount of heat gain or loss in the home just from windows. This will leave you constantly adjusting the thermostat to try to combat those heat gains, especially in the summer.  As much as 50% of all heat gain in a home comes from unprotected windows.  

Solar shades allow that number to be significantly reduced, meaning your utility bills are sure to be affected. Once solar sun screens have been installed, they are capable of reducing utility bills by as much as 30%.

Solar shades are an ideal energy efficient improvement for any home that will yield significant savings both in energy and in your wallet. For more information about solar shades or other shading systems, contact Eclipse Shading Systems at (800) 501-3850 today!