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Save on Energy Costs with Shading in the Northeast

After the second warmest winter on record, temperatures are beginning to heat up on the East Coast and the rain has been relentless…yet we need more after a dry winter. The climate has been so unpredictable the last few years. It seems we have no moisture for a few months then steady rain for a month or more. From Washington DC to the Shores of Maine, we are all wondering what kind of summer to expect with temperatures and rainfall. While weather predictions are difficult with a changing climate, the experts are saying that though it will not be as blistering hot as it was last summer that it will be hotter than normal and dry with below normal precipitation.

Have we convinced you yet? Installing Eclipse retractable awnings, solar screens, and accessories on your home will give you hours of cool comfort on your deck, patio, or porch and peak energy savings of up to 24% in New England and 3% in the Washington DC area. Nights are cooler but you can extend your back porch stay with the Eclipse Solar Beam
Infrared Heater
solar beam infrared heater, taking your outdoor living experience into the night. This compact and energy efficient heater can be wall or awning mounted. The 1500-watt heater with a 9’ power cord will keep you warm…even in winter months. Or enjoy a late evening dinner on the patio with the addition of the insect resistant Eclipse Lunar Light Package. After a sunny day in the shade of your Eclipse awning, the soft natural glow is just bright enough to complement your patio dining experience and can be operated with an in-line switch or with the remote wireless control that operates your awning.

There are Eclipse authorized dealers throughout the US. Find one near you and start reducing your energy costs! From New England to Virginia, homeowners are reducing the cost of their energy bills and protecting themselves from the damaging UV rays of the sun with Eclipse Shading Systems® products and accessories.