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Shade Your Patio in Early Spring

The sun warms the inside of your home even in winter months. If it is a sunny day, check the thermostat and see that the temperature may be a couple degrees warmer than your setting preference. As winter turns into spring, the angle of the sun moves and UV rays become more damaging. Air temperatures may be rising, but if the leaves have not opened on the trees, there is no shading protection from the sun. The possibility of sunburn and skin damage that can cause wrinkles as well as the risk of skin cancer are just as real as they are in the summer.

As the temperatures rise and the sun becomes more direct, you find yourself longing to take your newspaper outside and read it in the warm air on the comfort of your deck or patio. If you purchased a retractable awnings from Eclipse Shading Systems®, roll it out to have the same shading protection during the spring that you have come to rely on in the summer months.

Shading systems provide relief from sun glare and harmful UV rays at any time of year. In the early spring with pollen beginning to fly around from gentle breezes, a retractable awning will provide protection for your skin and keep pollen at bay. Don’t forget to hose off the awning to make sure it is pollen and debris free before you roll it up against heavier wind and rain. If you are already spending time in your back yard and relaxing on the patio, come in from the sun with shading systems from Eclipse.