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Shading from Winter Sun with Mermet Magic

The ski vacation you and your family have been waiting for all year is only a couple weeks away. As cold as the snow can be, you look forward to the warm winter sun high up in the mountains and the way it heats your vacation home in the afternoon. When you return from the slopes, you may discover that the strong sunshine has actually made your home a little too warm and the glare makes it hard to see. Eclipse Shading Systems® has the sun-stopper solutions you need to rectify the problem. Solar heat gain doesn’t stand a chance with the magic of Mermet solar screen fabrics used in Eclipse shading products. Up to 93% of the heat gain in your home is through solar radiation, 25-30% is through the windows, and 25-35% is through the ceiling. Radiation is absorbed, transformed into heat, and released into the room causing heat gain of up to 18 degrees. The temperature in the room with the Eclipse Mermet fabrics for Eclipse interior solar screensShading Systems Mermet interior solar screen will allow only a 9 degree heat gain, keeping your home comfortable on the sunniest days.

Control sunlight, prevent fabric fading, and reduce glare. Innovative Mermet solar screen fabrics are made from coated fiberglass yarn. Eclipse Shading Systems® understands the architecture involved in providing shading for your house in the mountains and that it must be effective at blocking the intense heat of the sun, is energy conscious, and fashionable. Talk with your local Eclipse dealer about the right solar shading solution for your vacation home and choose the one that will fit your needs and your style. You can have the view you love, lose the glare, and keep your home comfortable with the magic of Mermet interior solar screen fabrics.