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Shading in a Hot & Dry Climate

Awnings provide shading in hot dry weatherFrom Albuquerque, New Mexico to Sacramento, California, there is yet another normal summer forecast of hot and dry weather. There will be the occasional thunderstorm and seasonal monsoons will arrive and leave, quickly forgotten when the US Southwest’s hot and arid weather returns. You like to spend weekend afternoons on your porch and know you can rely on Eclipse Shading Systems® to keep you comfortable outdoors and keep you cooler indoors as well. Outside retractable awning shading can reduce the temperature indoors by as much as 15 degrees. Installing retractable awnings on your home can save you up to 31% on your energy costs in Albuquerque, 21% in the Phoenix area, and 39% in the Sacramento Valley and reduce wear and tear on your AC system since it won’t go on as often.

Purchasing a shading system or retractable awnings in the Southwestern area of the United States is as easy as calling your local authorized Eclipse dealer who will be glad to show you the best shading products in the awning industry. Retractable awnings and interior solar shading options come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and specially designed fabrics. Interior solar shades block out 99% of damaging UV rays and filter light as it enters the room, leaving your view intact and keeping the sun’s heat and glare on the outside. Perfect function and perfect style…your style. Increase the value and the comfort of your home in the Southwest with shading from Eclipse.