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Solar Screens Add Form & Function

Solar screens provide the interior of your home with a unique blend of form and function. Unlike traditional window treatments, solar screens provide protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays and added privacy to your home, all in classic style and while saving you money on energy costs.

Did you know that more heat and cold is lost through windows than any other part of your home? And most importantly, what are you doing to maintain your home’s energy efficiency while also adding some stylistic appeal?

Solar screens maintain the look and feel of a room with their low profile appearance and come in a variety of densities that allow you to control the amount of light, heat, drafts, glare and UV protection. Unlike outdated plastic blinds and curtains, solar screens are a cutting edge way to add elegant style and functionality to your home.

Most Solar Screens Will:

  • Be Functional and Appealing

While simultaneously providing the traditional functions of plastic blinds, solar screens offer even more privacy and protection from glare and UV rays inside your home. They’re also easy to use, inexpensive, and quick to install.

  • Provide Additional Privacy

With solar screens, you can choose the density of the screen to add an extra layer of subtle privacy to your windows. Unlike traditional window treatments, solar screens are almost naked to the eye from outside your home while offering superior UV and glare protection inside.

  • Save Money on Heating & Cooling Costs

Solar screens are a great line of defense again insulating your home with heat through the winter and air conditioning during the summer. Average windows lose an excessive amount of energy, but with the installation of solar screens, the amount of energy loss can be significantly reduced.

  • Easy to Use

Solar screens are incredibly simple to use and store, usually just as you would traditional blinds. Simply unroll when you’d like to use and roll up when finished.

With solar screens provided by Eclipse Shading Systems, your home is sure to add style and savings. For more information about solar screens or other shading systems like outdoor retractable awnings, contact Eclipse Shading Systems at (800) 501-3850.