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Solar Screens Provide Comfort And Savings For Your Home

Do you have a room in your home that seems to be a lot hotter than the rest of your house? Do you sometimes avoid using those rooms during the warm summer months? If so, the new solar screen systems may be the answer to your problem. They are a highly functional way to make every room in your home comfortable and useable.

What Is A Solar Screen?

A Solar Screen is a shading system that is mounted on the exterior of your home. Inside shades and blinds will help to keep your home cooler, but by stopping the sun’s ray BEFORE they enter the home will reduce your energy bill up to 40% and lower your room temps by up to 20 degrees! Now that is energy savings. These heavy duty shades for the exterior of your home will block heat gain generated from the sun before passing through the glass on your windows. They reduce glare and make the inside of your home darker and cooler especially in hot climates or very sunlit areas. These practical and functional shades act like a pair of sunglasses. When you are inside, you can see outside very well—sometimes even better because there is no glare. They will also save the wear and fading on your furniture and flooring because you will no longer have sunlight beating through the windows.

How Do They Work?

These solar screens are made of heavy-duty but open-weave fabrics that will block sun while retaining visibility. They can be used in patio settings, open-room situations, garages, standard or large-sized windows or doors–any place you want shaded with the ability to still see the outdoors. They have either tracks to run on or heavy-duty stainless steel cables. They can be motorized for easy use or built for manual operation. There are cassette box-style retractable solar screens that can be incorporated into an existing automated system. Your life just got easier!

Do They Affect The Value Of My Home?

Yes, and in a positive manner. That is the beauty of the solar screen system. They do not detract from the decor of your house. The darker colors will appear darker on your windows, but not to distraction. They can be adjusted and raised either up or down depending on the season and local conditions. They will add value and convenience to your home that will improve its value as well as reduce your energy costs.