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Solar Shading Protection for Your Home & the Entire Family with Eclipse Awnings

Eclipse solar screensMemorial Day is around the corner and the summer heat is on! You can protect your home and your family with solar shading options from Eclipse Shading Systems®. In fact, you realize all the benefits of shading your home and plan to look at purchasing awnings and solar screens. Eclipse retractable awnings and solar screens will also give your pets some relief from the rays of the sun and the heat in general. And it’s not just when they are outdoors. Staying cool and comfortable is what cats and dogs look for during the warmer months of the year. The heat from the sun’s rays radiates through walls and windows and heats the indoors as well and your dog or cat left inside all day can become overheated and even dehydrated. If you watch your pet throughout the day, you will notice that they move around going from shade to shade whether it’s indoors behind a chair or outdoors in the shade of the shrubbery, their senses tell them that they are uncomfortable so they move around to be cooler. Without an awning, your deck can get so hot in the middle of the day that your pet won’t even step on it.

You can stop the heat of the sun with Eclipse retractable awnings before it gets to the deck and radiates through the walls and windows. Attractive and affordable, Eclipse Shading Systems has awnings, interior and exterior solar screens, and custom solar shading options that fit your home, your budget, and your lifestyle. Eclipse Shading Systems has shade solutions for the whole family…even the little furry ones.