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Stay Comfortable with Roll Up Window Shades

There are many benefits to having a house with a lot of large windows. It creates open spaces, ensures that your home is full of natural light and allows you to enjoy the beautiful views of your community or natural surroundings. On the flip side, you may feel a loss of privacy; see increased cooling and heating costs, and constant glare throughout your home. Fortunately, Eclipse Shading Systems provides roll up window shades that are the solution to these issues while allowing you to still enjoy the benefits of your windows.

Seeing Clearly

What is the point of having large, beautiful windows if you have to keep them constantly covered with curtains or drapes? The spacious interior, natural light, and scenic views disappear as soon as the blinds are drawn. Our roll up window shades offer a unique solution: a window covering that filters light and offers privacy without obstructing your view. Even though you can clearly see out, the specially designed shade prevents people from clearly seeing in during daylight, increasing your sense of privacy without decreasing your view.

The sleek and modern aesthetic of the fully retractable roller shade itself can enhance your living space. These shades are easily customized through hardware and fabric choices to fit any interior design motif. Since they are easily retractable, either through a chain pulley or motor, you can make quick adjustments on a whim to keep your home in balance.

Protect Your Home and Possessions

Specially designed to keep out damaging UV rays, our shades protect floors, furniture, carpets, and art work from fading. The light from the sun can cause a glare on a variety of screens in your home: television, computer, mirrors, etc. Roll up window shades reduce the glare without blocking out the window completely. In addition to decreasing ultraviolet rays and sunlight, these shades also act as a filter for dust and insects.

The amount of sunlight allowed into your home can also impact heating and cooling costs. The window shades provided by Eclipse Shading Systems allow you to make adjustments to the temperature in your house without adjusting your thermostat. To maximize these “green” shading solutions, Eclipse offers optional electronics they can control your roller shades based on outdoor lighting levels, programmable timed usage or based strictly on room temperature! They help keep your home cool in the summer while providing insulation during the colder weather – positively impacting your energy bills – how cool is that?