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Summer Memories Under the Retractable Awning

There’s nothing better than spending a lazy summer day under your very own Eclipse motorized retractable awning. The harsh sun fades to a muted glow and the warm breeze actually feels cooler. Now that winter is on its way, I love remembering all the good times I had, and thankfully there are plenty of them to get me through the cold days ahead. One of my favorite memories from this summer is our annual family barbecue. Don’t get me wrong, we grill all the time, and we’ve had plenty of family barbecues over the years, but this year was different. The family wasn’t scattered across the yard trying to hide beneath clumps of shade, all the kids were outside enjoying the weather (instead of wrecking my house as usual) and everyone had a great time. What was so different you ask? The answer is simple; this year we had a motorized retractable awning. There were also plenty of days spent in and around the pool. I’m sure you’re thinking that pools are a great way to cool off, and you’re right, they are. The problem is that you can’t stay in the water forever, and even if you try there’s that tiny problem of having a freezing body and a head that feels like it’s on fire after the sun has finished baking your poor brain. Luckily we didn’t have that problem this summer thanks to our awning. There were no wet children running for cover as they dove into the house, and sitting by the pool with an cold glass of iced tea was no longer an unobtainable dream. It made me realize how amazing solar shades really are. The best memory I have from this summer may not seem like much, but it’s the one that will help me get through the winter. First of all, I should tell you that the winters where I live are extremely cold. I don’t mean regular cold. I’m talking about winters so cold that I don’t even want to go outside. I mention this because it helps me to cherish the time that I did get to spend outside during the summer even more. I wanted to make sure that I experienced this past summer to the fullest, so I was searching for patio and pergola solar shade options that would fit the design of my home while providing the sun protection I wanted. As I searched through the wide variety of Eclipse retractable awnings the possibilities seemed to be endless, that is until I found the perfect one. So that’s my favorite memory of this summer, the day I got my Eclipse retractable awning, because without it, none of my other great summer memories would have been possible.