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Sun Shading, Bug Stopping Eclipse Exterior Screens

Eclipse exterior solar screensIt’s about being in control when it comes to Eclipse Shading Systems® exterior screens – control of the sun and control of flying bugs. When you finally get the chance to relax outdoors, you don’t want your time and mood disturbed by winged insects or the beating rays of the sun. Eclipse exterior retractable solar screens will provide the protection you want along with added privacy for you and your family. When temperatures rise outdoors, exterior screens keep your home cooler because they stop the heat of the sun from entering through the windows, reducing heat gain indoors by as much as 77%, preventing fading of indoor upholstery, and eliminating glare on the TV. With the high cost of energy, reduced heat gain indoors means that your AC won’t have to work as hard and shading can cut energy costs by as much as 60% in the summer months. Eclipse retractable solar screens provide 100% block out shade arresting up to 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, also providing protection from skin cancers.

Eclipse Exterior Screens are one of our featured shading products and are available for specific applications from cable and track guided cassette screens to side retention zipper screens. Eclipse E-Zip Side Retention Solar and Insect Screen system, Eclipse Cassette, and Vertical Drop Screens are custom made and professionally installed. Intercept the heat of the sun with its damaging UV rays and put an end to bugs bothering you in your outdoor ‘parlor’ with Eclipse exterior screens. Enhance your outdoor living space and make your time off cooler, more comfortable, and even more relaxing with the addition of Eclipse Shading Systems exterior retractable solar screens.