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The Benefits Of Retractable Awnings Over Fixed Awnings

Making the decision to choose retractable awnings over fixed awnings is an excellent choice. We aren’t just saying that because we are a top retractable awning manufacturer, we are saying that because it is true.

If you stop and consider all the benefits to a retractable awning the choice is evident. The fixed awning does provide great sun protection and lots of luxurious shade, but then again so does the retractable awning. We think it is the extra details that set the two apart.

Longer Lasting

The lifetime of an awning is a big factor to consider and one perhaps that can easily be overlooked. When you install a fixed awning it is open 24/7 every day of the year. It is exposed to not only wind and rain but also to pollutants, dust, hail, snow, and ice, all which can significantly damage the fabric.

This not only leads to much less life with the fixed awning, but also with wear and tear of the frame. Most of the fixed awnings also have corner poles to provide additional stability and support, which will take up space on your deck.

Options for Sun and Shade

A fixed awning is a lot like a permanent roof in that it only allows you shade. That means on lovely early spring days or perhaps nice days in the fall you can’t roll back the awning and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Let’s not forget to mention you also can’t sit out on your deck to enjoy the stars at night. With the retractable awning, you have the choice to roll it back at will, giving you maximum freedom in shade, sun and view.

Storm Issues

Last but not least, having an awning permanent attached to the home and also permanently in the open position creates more of a risk for damage in a storm.

When the awning can be easily rolled with a motorized system with built in wind detection, your home is also safer as well. Without the ability to retract the awning there is always the risk of the entire system being blowing around, possibility damaging the exterior to your home.

With the awning retracted there is nothing for the wind to catch hold of and tear. Your awning is safely and securely stored away, just waiting for the next time you need a bit of shade.