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The Benefits Provided By Motorized Retractable Awnings

The primary reason homeowners purchase a motorized retractable awning for their home is to expand their living space. The added benefit of that decision is that awnings on your home directly affect energy consumption by blocking the bright UV rays from coming in your windows. This savings can be considerable, up to 25% depending on your location and the climate conditions in your area. With such a wide variety of awnings on the market today, you will be able to customize and complement your home’s exterior look as well as add a functional, aesthetic element to its design, with the added bonus of saving money on your monthly energy bill. Will I Have Many Choices? The most up-to-date retractable awnings are made of fabrics that are water-resilient and long-lasting. The Sunbrella® outdoor fabric is a favorite among manufacturers of fine quality retractable awnings. This acrylic fabric is durable, suitable for many years of service, warranted for 8 full years and is available in over 200 styles and colors. Retractable awnings are available in widths up to 40 feet. By choosing a frame with a pretreated powdered coat finish you will also have a choice of color and an enduring, lasting framework. Add an optional aluminum protective hood to house your new awning, and you have perhaps the safest and wisest combination for optimal storage. The Ups And Downs Of Retractable Awnings Another choice you will have when you purchase your retractable awning is whether you would prefer a mechanism that is motorized or manual. This is one you will not have to think too hard about. Do I want to have to go outside and manually turn a crank handle 200 or more times to retract the awning or would I prefer to stand inside and push a button and walk away? Hmmm. Okay—so your decision involves as little work as possible. Motorized retractable awnings win hands down. When a storm suddenly brews and your awning is extended, push a button. If you have arthritis or lower back pain and are unable to do a lot of physical bending or pulling, push a button. When you are busy, but want to set up the patio for an impromptu party, push a button. Ultimately Easy To Care For Awning To keep your new motorized retractable awnings clean, just clean them gently with a soft brush and mild soap. Be sure to clean every spot so that it does not show streaked when dry. Rinse completely. Keep your garden plants and shrubs from touching the awning, as they have an acid in them that may damage the awning. A little bit of tender loving care, and this awning with give you many years of cool and shady comfort.