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The Eclipse Cross Arm Shading Advantage

When you want to entertain guests or relax with your family in the shade of an Eclipse Shading Systems® awning but your space is limited, ask us about the Eclipse Cross Arm retractable awning system, specially designed for operating in small spaces. You owe it to yourself to make your townhouse deck or condominium patio a cool summer retreat. The outstanding technology of the Eclipse Shading Systems’ Cross Arm makes it possible to have the luxury of a retractable awning on your small deck.

Purchasing an Eclipse Shading Systems’ retractable awning is the best investment you can make in your home for stylish and practical cooling and energy savings. Reduce heat gain in your home by as much as 77% and sun glare as much as 94%, advantages that go a long way in protecting your family’s health and your possessions. Block harmful UV rays and enjoy your patio with shading from the experts – Eclipse Cross Arm.

Your solution to beating the summer heat and sun in and outside of your home is the Eclipse Cross Arm retractable awning system. Custom made and built to last, the tight width of your deck is no problem with this specially engineered arm system that is designed so that the left arm passes below the right arm during awning retraction, giving you the full benefits of a large projection awning. Special adapters on the left shoulder and arm allow them to drop four inches below the right arm assembly. It took years of research and development, but we make it look simple. The paths of the arms cross on different planes while the awning is retracting! The maximum amount of on-demand solar protection for your tight space. Over 100,000 happy and cool customers – worldwide.