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The Reasons People Install Retractable Awnings On Their Home

We understand your home is more than just a property and more than just an investment. It is the place you go to relax, unwind, or just enjoy your privacy. It is also a place for entertaining, getting together with friends and family and enjoying the great outdoors in your space.

To make that outdoor space even better, more and more homeowners are making the educated choice to install retractable awnings. Our awnings, with all their styles and options for custom sizes, are ideal for covering a small intimate outdoor space or a large deck area where the whole family can gather on those hot summer days. With our professional installation, they are always ready to go, and we custom make each awning to your specifications.

Cost Savings

You will be surprised at the low cost of our retractable awnings compared to a permanent covered area over your deck. Virtually maintenance free, you never have to worry about replacing shingles, painting or staining, you can just sit back and enjoy the cool shade.

An additional cost saving to consider is the lowered energy bills you will see over the summer months. If you extend the awning to cover the patio area when the sun is most intense, you will limit heat entering into your home. This, in turn, will save on your air conditioner bills.

Beautiful Exterior

One of the most important factors we consider when we design our awnings is how they will look on your home. Not only are they designed for durability and long-life, but we take pride in how they look either retracted or when providing full cover.

You will have a choice of over 200 different colors, textures and patterns to choose from in our selection of fabrics. As this is acrylic material, it won’t fade or fray, and you can coordinate it with your home style and colors as well as your backyard design.

We believe the convenience factor is another reason our customers love our retractable awnings. With just the push of a button on our motorized systems, you can have shade, or up it up to enjoy the sun in the cooler hours of the evening.

There are many different reasons why people install retractable awnings in their homes. We think most people have a combination of reasons, with looks, outdoor enjoyment, and comfort as factors at the top of all our customer’s lists.