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The Temperature Control Advantage with Eclipse Shading Systems® Products

Most homeowners think of their patio as extended living space for relaxing, spending time with the family, and entertaining. We at Eclipse think you should be as comfortable outdoors as you are indoors. You have so many shading options when it comes to improving your outdoor living space and providing the right temperature control. Extend the time you spend outdoors and extend your relaxation time. Start planning your summer season relaxation today with Eclipse retractable awnings and touch-of-a-button accessories to provide heat and light in the evening as well as wind control. The sophisticated, functional, and affordable shading options available with Eclipse products offer extensive innovative technology, choices of colors and UV protective fabrics, and the cooler environment you want for your outdoor oasis.

Temperature Control

eclipse-lunar-lighting-packageControl the temperatures outdoors and indoors, during the hottest part of the day, and control the temperatures on cool evenings with the Eclipse Solar Beam Electric Infrared Heater. The Solar Beam Infrared Heater is an excellent patio accoutrement to extend the months you can spend in your outdoor living space relaxing or entertaining. When it comes to outdoor evening entertaining, you can enjoy your deck or patio with the Eclipse Lunar Lighting package with attaches to the backside of your Eclipse retractable awning’s front bar providing enough light to dine, read, or just have a relaxing conversation. Taking charge of your outdoor environment and providing temperature control with Eclipse Shading Systems products is the best investment you can make in your home while making your outdoor space as nice to live in as the inside of your houses.