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Three Advantages of Exterior Solar Shades

Do you need a quick, affordable solution to low-angled sunlight? Outdoor solar shades are ideal for any exterior area, as they reduce much of the heat and glare that comes with excess sunlight. Exterior shades easily protect small outdoor areas, as well as nearby windows, doors, walls, from unwanted UV rays. Solar shades available from Eclipse Shading Systems come in a wide range of colors, styles and designs. Within our impressive selection, you can find the perfect product for your home, based on your preferences and budget.

Variety of Colors

Essentially, solar shades are designed to reduce UV rays, while retaining the view. Solar shades can be found in an assortment of colors, fabrics and openness densities – each offering different degrees of protection. For instance, if you’re looking for exterior solar shades that reflect heat but not light, you may be interested in a lightly colored fabric. Or, if you’re shopping for high performance shades that reduce both heat and light, a darker fabric with less openness would be more suitable. Regardless, your exterior shades will allow you to create a comfortable space that’s cool, private, and bug-free.

Monthly Energy Savings

High quality exterior shades can block out up to 97% of the sun’s rays, as well as heat and glare. Because you’ll have the ability to create a cool, enclosed space with ease, you likely won’t have to run your HVAC system as frequently. This is particularly true if the space you want to protect lets a lot of sunlight into your living room, kitchen, or other area of your home. Exterior solar shades can be placed in a variety of places, such as an open outdoor patio or an enclosed sun room.

Inexpensive Solution

If you’re in need of a cost-effective solution to excessive sunlight, our exterior shades are the smart choice. Exterior shades are especially effective when it comes to lessening heat, because unlike interior shades, they don’t allow the sun’s heat to pass through windows. Generally, they’re less expensive than top-of-the-line blackout curtains, and also include more features. For added convenience, you can easily purchase retractable solar shades from one of our dealers located near you, which will allow you to create a pleasant, relaxing area with a touch of a button or maximum your savings with automated controls.