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Eclipse Shading Systems is a leading manufacturer of awnings in the United States. With hundreds of certified Eclipse dealers located across the country, Eclipse is your local provider for shading systems including retractable awnings, solar screens, and more.

Generally speaking, the denser the material used in outdoor awnings, umbrellas or other protective structures, the greater the percentage of UV rays they’ll block. For example, the Skin Cancer Foundation says materials such as tile, metal or timber can block up to 100 percent of the sun’s rays, while other materials may block less. Some manufacturers may provide their products’ ratings, so check the packaging of outdoor materials you are thinking about using.

Though they often cost more, permanently installed structures, such as canopy awnings or retractable awnings, offer high degrees of sun protection. Since they’re often sturdier than their movable counterparts, they also may be better able to withstand the elements. While retractable awnings can be opened to enable owners to let in sunlight, canopy awnings are fixed and cannot be adjusted. In most cases, these structures will also benefit from side-shading strategies (such as plants) in order to achieve the most complete UV protection.

Utilizing a variety of backyard UV protection options — as well as sun block and other methods — can help your family create a safer experience in your outdoor space. Let your creativity and love of summer fun guide you toward solutions that meet your family’s shading needs.