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Upgraded Patio Furniture, Upgraded Landscaping, & Upgraded Retractable Awnings

Your Eclipse retractable awnings look as good as they did the day they were installed. They’ve done their job, supplying cooling shade on the deck for relaxing down time, keeping indoor temperatures cooler, and saving you money on your energy bills. You know that Eclipse retractable awnings are a worthwhile investment to make in the value of your home. This coming season, you’ve decided to upgrade your landscaping with a different splash of color, or get new patio furniture and you don’t want to be restricted to the colors or patterns that are already on your awnings. Since you purchased Eclipse retractable awnings, there’s no problem making changes to your existing awning fabric. Eclipse Shading Systems® offers more than 200 choices of patterns and colors for your retractable awnings so it’s easy to make a change when you want to. You can even add additional awnings to your home to match the existing shading system.

upgrade your retractable awnings to complement your homeSimply consult with your local Eclipse Shading Systems dealer and they’ll show you how easy it is to add additional matching awnings, replace existing fabric, or tell you how you can have your new patio furniture upholstered to match your retractable awnings. Eclipse is proud of our reputation for excellence in customer service. Our professionalism and products have earned Eclipse outstanding 5-star overall rating in performance. Eclipse Shading Systems is committed to providing the best solar protection for you and your family to block the harmful UV rays of the sun, prevent fading of indoor furnishings, and to helping you save on rising energy expenses. Enhance your outdoor living space and add to the beauty of your home with retractable awnings from Eclipse Shading Systems.