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When You Shade Your Home with Eclipse Products, the Summer’s Heat Does not Stand a Chance

shade your home with Eclipse productsWhen you shade your home with Eclipse Shading Systems® retractable awnings, the sun doesn’t stand a chance of heating up your porch or getting into your home. Using the finest parts, exclusive components, and best awning fabrics in the business, Eclipse retractable awnings are advanced solar protection systems that will provide protection from heat, light wind and rain, and block up to 98% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. Eclipse retractable home awnings will keep your deck cooler and reduce heat gain indoors as well because your new awnings will stop the heat from entering through the walls and windows. Cooler temperatures indoors mean you will use less air conditioning and have a lower energy bill.

Custom made one-of-a-kind Eclipse retractable awnings are manufactured in our first-class production facility in Orange County, New York and sold by a select group of dealerships throughout the US. Eclipse dealerships share our commitment to the increasing need for solar protection while providing the highest quality of customer service and satisfaction. You will be in control of the sun and the heat with touch of a button motorized Eclipse retractable awnings while you give your air conditioning system and your wallet a break. It’s summertime and there’s so much to do, aside from the regular routine, but what you enjoy most of all is relaxing at with your family. Relax, entertain, and beat the heat this summer by purchasing technologically advanced Eclipse shading solutions that are right for your home.