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Why Restaurants Choose Red Awnings

Ever noticed how many restaurants in urban areas opt for a red or warm-colored awning to extend their dining areas and attract customers walking down the street? It’s not a mistake — red awnings are some of the most popular choices for restaurants. Why? Well, here’s some psychology behind the choice.

A lot of research has been done to study the connection between colors and eating habits. A few of those findings have been relatively universal, such as that blue and purple awnings can result in a loss of appetite as they are not colors psychologically associated with natural food. The color yellow can eventually be too bright and cause irritation for patrons dining under a restaurant awning. This is also why some fast-food restaurants incorporate yellow into their design and decor, to help maximize turnover. Meanwhile, the color green is often interpreted as being relaxing.

Red, however, draws attention on the street and, being the same color as a number of natural foods, stimulates the appetite, which is why the color has almost become the ubiquitous choice for restaurants and local eateries.

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