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Your Days under Your Eclipse Awning – Without the Bugs!

Eclipse solar screensYou waited all week to spend this time with your brother and your families and you have no intention of letting bugs ruin it. You worked with your local Eclipse Shading Systems® dealer to select and install your customized Eclipse E-Zip Side Retention Solar and Insect Screen system so you can cook your feast outdoors and consume it with your family in comfort with protection from the sun and insects.

Your company arrives early afternoon, tired from the long drive. The kids have pent up energy so they run off to play in the yard. The grownups get the luggage indoors and head for the backyard patio where you’ve created additional summer living space with protection from damaging UV rays. Snacks and cold adult beverages are enjoyed while conversation and relaxation take you into the late afternoon.

The E-Zip motorized system allows you to operate each screen separately along with a bottom track seal, so when you go inside to get the barbecue platter and the rest of the food comes out, the bugs can’t get in. Sit down and enjoy your dinner in your outdoor screened in shaded patio room. Spending time relaxing with your family is always more fun when you don’t have to worry about sun protection or being harassed by nature’s creepy crawlers.

The Eclipse E-Zip Side Retention Solar and Insect Screen keeps the bugs away and provides you with a cool and comfortable outdoor room and now your brother wants to know where he can get one for his house. Go inside with your bro and look online for his local Eclipse Shading Systems dealership. And while you do that, we’re sure you’ll notice that the indoor temperature is cooler and there’s no sun glare on the computer screen. That’s all part of the many benefits of life under an Eclipse retractable awning.