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Your Eclipse Awning is the Ideal Solar Protection Solution

Lately you have been thinking that it would be so nice to have summer off from the daily grind the way kids do. While you know this is not possible, you have found a way to steal a little time for yourself this season. It’s the first day of camp and you took the full week off to enjoy some summertime relaxation. Beginning with enthusiastic good-byes from excited kids and one excited Mom, you are ready to launch day 1 with a cup of ice coffee and a book you’ve been trying to read all year. As you settle onto the patio, you realize that the sun is quickly heating up the deck surface and your arm. Instead of running inside for shoes or a different shirt that will protect you from sunburn, all you have to do is push a button to open your Eclipse retractable awning. We employ Somfy advanced technology to ensure your Eclipse Shading Systems® products are easy to use and control, providing you with high quality protection from the heat and damaging rays of the sun. Your Eclipse retractable awning will roll out to give you cool shade and all day comfort whenever you need it. Eclipse offers a wide variety of stylish awning selections customized to create solar shading that reduces indoor heat gain by as much as 77% and sun glare by as much as 94%. When you make an investment in high quality retractable awnings from Eclipse, you’ve made an investment in the future. Durable, affordable, and energy efficient Eclipse awnings enhance the look and comfort of your home. Eclipse shading products are reliable, attractive, and a valued addition to your lifestyle year round. Summer comes once a year…enjoy it under your Eclipse retractable awning or other Eclipse shading solution. There’s an authorized Eclipse Shading Systems dealership near you!