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Benefits of Having A Valance

Summer 2024 is almost here! Which means hot weather, planning that lovely vacation with friends or family, relaxing by the pool and much more! People also use this time of the year to work around the house whether it’d be working on the garden, home renovation and yes, looking for shading solutions to keep them cool during the summer season.

When homeowners consider our Eclipse Shading retractable awnings, they not only want an awning that protects them from the sun, but that also gives an aesthetic feeling to allow their home to stand out among others in the neighborhood and one of our best feature options for this is our valance option.

Although a valance is a decorative covering installed at the top of windows serving as a finishing touch to window treatments, valances can also be placed on awnings too! Awning valances are a great way to enhance your awnings aesthetic appearance. Awning valances are a small piece of fabric that hangs down from the front end of an awning. Along with its enhancing curb appeal, valances also serve in providing additional shade and protection from the suns UV rays, especially along the lower edge of the awning. So, if you’re looking to improve your outdoor space in your backyard with style, consult with your sales representative about which valance style best fits your awning for your home!

Here at Eclipse Shading, every valance option offered possesses its own style. Below are our available valance options offered:

Although valances are not a mandatory choice, we recommend getting one to further enhance your patio from other patios leaving your neighbors astounded with your home investment!

You can check our brochure link here to see our valance options along with our braiding options!