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When you invest in the high quality of technologically advanced Eclipse Shading Systems®, you are investing in products that will enhance your lifestyle, comfort and protect your skin from damaging UV rays with the confidence of durability that will stand the test of time. Anticipating the needs of a constantly evolving market, Eclipse technically advanced solar solutions are developed by our dedicated engineers who specialize in solar protection. One hour north of New York City in beautiful Orange County, our first-class production facility exists exclusively to custom craft Eclipse solar shading systems. Eclipse uses only the finest parts, fabrics and […]

Avoiding the Risks of Skin Cancer

When selecting awnings and solar shades for the home, the savvy American consumer is looking for affordability, style, durability and protection from the harsh sun. Installing Eclipse Shading Systems® will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for by providing extra protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Eclipse retractable awnings, window awnings, solar screens and the Eclipse Butterfly motorized free-standing retractable awning block up to 98% of the sun’s dangerous UV rays and supply significant cooling. One in five Americans will get skin cancer over the course of a lifetime. The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that […]

Rising Energy Costs? Try an Awning!

It’s no secret that rising energy costs have become a problem for consumers. A recent study, Awnings in Residential Buildings: The Impact on Energy Use and Peak Demand, conducted by the Center for Sustainable Building Research at the University of Minnesota, funded by the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA), investigated residential energy savings and reduction of energy use during peak hours. This study found that the use of awnings reduced home energy costs. The increasingly popular home improvement option of installing awnings provides significant savings on air cooling costs by reducing solar gain though walls and windows. When you increase […]

We Are Everywhere!

“From sea to shining sea….”so goes the song. And it’s true. Eclipse products are everywhere! Eclipse Shading Systems® products and services dealers are located throughout the USA. We’ve searched the country to find dealers that represent Eclipse’s high standards and share our commitment to quality and service. A manufacturer is only as good as its dealers. We take your trust seriously so it wasn’t enough for us to just ‘be there’. We want to be there confident in the fact that every customer will experience our dedication to solar protection solutions, state of the art products and unmatched customer service. […]